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ePanel started to establish its Access Panel since 2004. Under the management of systematical technical platform, and following several years of accumulation, it has matured into a consumer database, the members of which can be accessed easily via multiple communication methods including telephone, internet, mobile SMS, mail, etc.
 Core Technology
ePanel consulting to insist on the use of technology to improve the quality and efficiency of research for invest a lot of human, financial and material resources, make with independent intellectual property rights of the core technology, including online survey platform and special investigation system.
 Data Collection
ePanel is dedicated to technology development applied to links in the marketing research chain, raising efficiency and quality of survey through technological innovation.Based on our self-developed professional survey platform, high quality access panel and fieldwork networks around China, as well as strict and professional quality control system, rich project management and fieldwork experiences, we can provide high-quality data collection services to our clients.
 • Online Survey(OS)
 • Telephone Interview(TI)
 • Center Location Invitation(CLI)
 • Face to Face(F2F)
 • Focus Group Interview(FGI)
 • In-depth Interview(IDI)
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